Orkidd | Geo-Social Messaging

Keep up with the independent creators in your city


A great tool for content creators to reach more people

Broadcast all over your city

Everytime you upload links to your content on Orkidd and it gets approved everyone who has installed Orkidd in your current city receives notifications on their mobile phones clicking on which takes them to your content. Increase your social media following by uploading your content on popular hosting platforms and then broadcasting their links on Orkidd.

Enjoy fresh content from creators all over your city

Enjoy content from local artists

Whenever an artist in your city will upload a new video or content and if they broadcast their links on Orkidd then you will get a notification and you can view that artist's content and chat with them or follow them on social media.

Chat with people close to your current GPS location

A great tool to bypass that peer pressure

Ever been in a situation where you really wanted to talk to someone you have just met but you can't because the social environment was too crowded and tense? Well, now you can. The condition being that the other person should also have Orkidd on their phones. Just move close to that person and they will show up in your Orkidd nearby list. Tap on their profile and start a chat with them right then and there. No fees, no costs ever. If a person is looking for dates or relationships then they should install Orkidd to reach more people. Spread the word.

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